How to change the look/layout of your dokuwiki / install a new template.

  1. Download a template from here.
  2. Extract the downloaded template archive (usually a .zip or .tgz file) in the lib/tpl/ folder of your dokuwiki:
         * connect via ftp to the lib/tpl/ folder on the server and copy/upload the extracted template folder there (e.g. lib/tpl/arctic-mbo)
  3. Then select the template in the Config Manager  by adjusting the template option.

How to install/upload a dokuwiki on a hosted server / webhost

  1. Create an account at a webhost. There are also free ones out there, e.g., but then you get bombed with advertisement.
  2. Download Dokuwiki at and unzip it (on your local computer)
  3. Install a FTP client, e.g. the Firefox Addon "FireFTP" or the software "filezilla" or in Linux the file browser "nautilus".