Workaround to include inkscape vector graphics into libre office impress

Inkscape vector graphics (.svg) appear a little bit blurry when used in libre office impress (Version: LibreOffice, Build ID: 350m1(Build:2)), especially when text is visible on the graphics. 

I think the easiest workaround is to export the inkscape graphic as a .png bitmap

File -> Export Bitmap

I got good results with the default settings (90 dpi).

The generated png can then be included into Impress.


Write Math Symbols Latex in Inkscape

In Inkscape (from version 0.48) you can include mathematical symbols using Latex. In the menu bar go to

Extensions->Render->LaTeX Formula

and write your formula. Note that the formula will appear below your drawing area. So it might be necessary to zoom out to see the formula.

If you don't see the menu entry it might be necessary to install latex, dvips, pstoedit. In Ubuntu you can open a terminal (Ctrl + T) and insert following line (followed by the enter key. You are asked for your root password.)