Workaround to include inkscape vector graphics into libre office impress

Inkscape vector graphics (.svg) appear a little bit blurry when used in libre office impress (Version: LibreOffice, Build ID: 350m1(Build:2)), especially when text is visible on the graphics. 

I think the easiest workaround is to export the inkscape graphic as a .png bitmap

File -> Export Bitmap

I got good results with the default settings (90 dpi).

The generated png can then be included into Impress.


Libre Office Impress - Export Custom Animation to pdf

There's a cool add-on (ExpandAnimations) for Libre Office Impress out there that let's you export a Libre Office presentation, even with animated (appear, disapper) effects.

You can download it at

Open it with Libre Office.


Once the add-on is installed you can export animated presentations to pdf via